Validating html forms before processing to a php script online dating for people in relationships

Remember it is always necessary to validate form input values using a server-side script to cater for non-Java Script browsers or exploit attempts.This example goes one step futher and also checks that the number entered is valid according to the Luhn algorithm (also known as the "mod 10" algorithm).When you submit a form to a CGI program that resides on the server, it is usually programmed to do its own check for errors.

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However there are many ways that people type their number into a form, often including spaces or hyphens to break up the number and make it more readable.This tutorial takes you step by step through web form processing using PHP.You will learn how to collect input from a web form, validate and save it.Users don't necessarily have a high level of trust for any web site, but the browser does.For example, when the browser sends cookies in a request, it is trusting the web site.

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