Updating hardy to intrepid

Yesterday I finished the installation of a new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (RHEL5) and I needed to install the Data Protector Disk Agent to backup its files.

I have a Windows 2003 cell manager and a HP-UX install server that should help with the installation of the Data Protector software on UNIX/Linux/Solaris hosts…

This tutorial will guide you on how to use the pix2pix software for learning image transformation functions between parallel datasets of corresponding image pairs.

pix2pix is shorthand for an implementation of a generic image-to-image translation using conditional adversarial networks, originally introduced by Phillip Isola et al.

For comparison, we show the actual color image that it came with, to see how well the network is able to reconstruct the original color image (called the “target”).

Non-Jaunty versions of Ubuntu (Intrepid, Hardy, etc) or Jaunty users who want the latest updates will have to add the Wicd repository to the Ubuntu package manager.

To open the package manager in Gnome, go to Administration where "jaunty" is your version of Ubuntu in lowercase (dapper, edgy, feisty, gutsy, hardy, intrepid, jaunty).

You'll also need to add the key used for signing Wicd by running the following command in a terminal: Now, click Reload, and wait while the package lists are downloaded. Select Install, then press Apply, and Wicd will automatically be downloaded and installed for you.

This will also keep you automatically up to date with the latest and greatest version of Wicd.

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