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I need to insert UIElements into a Grid that does not get generated until runtime. Right now what happens is that I generate the number of Row Definitions at runtime and add UIElements as the children.

More specifically, I need to add UIElements to the Row Definitions I create after I determine how many elements need to be displayed. This isn't working, all the UIElements end up in the first row layered on top of each other.

This will notify the Data Grid to update it's rows if you remove or add an item from the collection and also when properties of T change.

To further customize the UIElements used to display things you can use a Data Grid Template Column: This is probably how I should be doing it, but is more than I need right now, thank you though for the incredibly descriptive and well written answer.

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I can not use a Stack Panel (I am creating an dynamic accordian panel and it messes with the animation).

If I am going about this wrong, please let me know.

Now that Silverlight 3 is out, with its new support for H.264 audio and video, several of you have been wondering how to play these files in Gallery Server Pro.

I took a few minutes to look into this today, and it turned out to be really easy.

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