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バグまたは機能を送信 詳細な API リファレンスおよび開発者ドキュメントについては、Java SE のドキュメントを参照してください。そのドキュメントには、概念的な概要、用語の定義、回避方法、有効なコード例などの、開発者を対象にしたより詳細な説明が含まれています。Copyright © 1993, 2013, Oracle and/or its affiliates. Just curious, are you sending this output to a XML file or something else where the indenting really matters? The initial 1.5 implementation of these classes had many issues but everything works fine from 1.6 on. That's because XML has emerged as the standard for exchanging data across disparate systems, and Java technology provides a platform for building portable applications.This partnership is particularly important for Web services, which promise users and application developers program functionality on demand from anywhere to anywhere on the Web.This is here for jdk 1.4 and earlier Xerces versions.*/ throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException public void test_set Is XInclude Aware() @Known Failure("Dalvik doesn't honor system properties when choosing a SAX implementation") public void test_new Instance() { try { SAXParser Factory dtf = SAXParser Instance(); assert Not Null("New Instance of Datatype Factory is null", dtf); Property("parsers.

but after spending a bunch of time on this I realized that I had to send my output to a web browser, and any relatively modern web browser will actually display the XML in a nice tree structure, so I could forget about this issue and move on. so you still better use the apache stuff directly.import org.w3 if at least one of included files has modifications. */ private boolean check File Modifications() throws Exception /** * Reads a dictionary from an XML file. * @throws Parser Configuration Exception if a SAX parser cannotbe created which satisfies the requested configuration.* We also have to cater for older XML parsers that do not support this.*/ try catch (Unsupported Operation Exception e) catch (No Such Method Error e) { /* This is OK; older versions of the parser do not support XInclude at * all.

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