Native american dating sites

In the United States of America, Native Americans (also known as American Indians, Indigenous Americans or simply Indians; see §Terminology differences) are people who belong to one of the over 500 distinct Native American tribes that survive intact today as partially sovereign nations within the country's modern boundaries.

Many people don’t know the Native American designs found on the clothing, rugs or jewelry sold today first appeared in prehistoric times.

There is some controversy surrounding the names used to describe these peoples: they are also known as American Indians, Indians, Amerindians, Amerinds, or Indigenous, Aboriginal or Original Americans.

Some of these other indigenous peoples in the United States, including the Inuit, Yupik Eskimos, and Aleuts, are not always counted as Native Americans, although the US Census 2000 demographics listed "American Indian and Alaskan Native" collectively.

Archeaologists have discovered petroglyphs (images and symbols carved into rocks) dating back thousands of years all over the United States.

These symbols have stuck and their meaning preserved through continued use of art, stories and Native American designs.

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