Kangta and lee soo young dating scandal

Rather than being really fun, it's an upbeat performance with atmosphere.When we think of composer Lee Young Hoon, you can find out how important a soulmate is to someone who does music.She also added that while the two were false rumors, the rest of them were true.Hearing her answer, Shin Jung Hwan made a follow-up question and said, “There were only two which are not true? disbanded in March 2001, Kangta made his solo debut after renewing his contract with S. His first solo concert took place in the summer of 2003. He released his first solo album "Polaris", which became a huge hit; it was followed by his second album "Pinetree" in 2002.

In an interview with Ilgan Sports, she said, "We've been keeping in touch after working on a podcast together.

We usually meet once a week but are not in a relationship."Park Ji Yoon added, "If I were a large company, it would have been easier to just blot out the rumors.

However, since I'm in a one-person label, I think scandals are coming out easier."She shared her own thoughts about relationships and said, "Meeting with someone and starting a relationship is a true blessing.

” Hyo Ri then replied, “Those were the absurd cases.

There were other rumors that were entirely true but there were also others that were partly true.

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