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The intoxication of Liverpool’s attacking blurs against Bayern Munich was substituted by the soberness of the sedate football, on the same turf, 24 hours later.

Latest LFC transfer rumours Atleti were never going to make the same mistakes as the Bundesliga champions, who were too expansive and as such, opened themselves up to a 3-0 embarrassment by the Reds on Tuesday night. Atletico only wanted to win the cup,” Jurgen Klopp, who rested Philippe Coutinho and Mohamed Salah for the encounter among others, pointed out afterwards.

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But at Dramaworks, director William Hayes has skimmed all the melodrama off the top and revealed something that reads truer, feels timeless and is much funnier than memory serves.While in elementary school, Miki moved to Los Angeles with her mother.At the age of 15, she was performing in a teen pageant, and was introduced to Augie Johnson (the leader of Side Effect) after the show.Joyce Cook Memorial Scholarship• Allison Mc Minn, Western High School Roy L.Crume Scholarship• Keeland Amos, Clinton Central High School• Clara Boles, Clinton Prairie High School• Karina Davenport, Western High School• Olivia Mohring, Eastern High School• Michelle Neidigh, Clinton Prairie High School• Renewals: Jessie Caudill, Kaylee Penning Jesse W.

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