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However, one downside for those of you who like remaining anonymous is you have to register before you can chat or play any games.The benefits of this include the ability to view people’s profiles and learn more about them right away, the ability to search for people, and the ability to add anyone as a friend so you can more easily save new contacts.To verify this I went in to the chat rooms, and they all seem to be pretty active, so that’s a good sign.It also looks like they get a lot of traffic from USA, Australia, and Canada – there are also plenty of other countries, but those seem to be the big ones.Often people in abusive relationships have limited resources to find help.If they come to you it is important to understand how complex abusive relationships can be and how difficult it might be to reach out for help. To support a friend, you can show them you understand, believe them, and want to help. You can also point them to community resources and let them make their own decisions.Room and game topics include private chat lobby, dating, bingo, philosophy, music, blackjack, religion, slots, and atheism.

People often turn to their friends for help when they find themselves in abusive relationships.

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